October 12, 2011

Tomato's, Carbonara, Ham and more.

It's that time of year that is bittersweet. On one hand soon I will be able to quit mowing the lawn for this year. Thank God for that. It is the reality that I am getting older and my hip most times does not react well to mowing both the front yard and the back yard at the same time. I know it will happen, but either it's a man thing..I can do it, whatta you think I'm too old to do both at the same time? Of course I am unless I want to feel the pain to prove I'm still alive enough to do what I have been doing for the last almost forty years.

The temperatures are moderating and the evenings and nights are getting cooler, which is nice at bedtime. Just a little reading upon hitting the sack and kerplunk I'm asleep.

Looking back on Hazel's garden I think it could be proclaimed a success. This is the first in many years that the tomato's have been like the tomato's of old. She planted several varieties, but the big one was the Brandyboys. They were not so much on looks, big and shaped irregularly but big enough that you could slice the entire top off and have enough slices for many sandwiches, tasty as we've had in many years. Hurrah Hazel, Hurrah Brandyboys.

Speaking of Hazel, as I enjoy doing from time to time, she purchased a ham this week and she is going through her cook book and pleasuring my pallet with her many ways to serve ham. Today we had ham chunks, cooked in with green beans, and potatoes. Oh so good. After a breakfast with eggs and ham, and a supper of carbonara she has promised me a nice pot of bean soup, including of course the remainder of the ham.

Many of Hazel's recipes are in the cookbook in the sidebar. I am shamelessly behind adding recipes. I promise to be more diligent in that regard.

Seen above is the tomato. This one is/was one pound. Some others were bigger yet. They are not the prettiest tomato's but certainly the best tasting I've eaten in many years


Food Safety Certification said...

Hi Jim! That's one big tomato. Never seen one this big before.

Resim Kursu said...

It is hard to find best tasting tomatos.