October 30, 2011

To: A.V. blogger

A.V. blogger,

Thanks for the comment. Here is a snap of that particular small garden 'before the wilt'. Hazel finds it a little difficult to dig and weed on her knee's these days, so it will be all mine next year. I'm in the process of deciding what I might incorporate in with flowers. Maybe some herbs or maybe one of a kind type of flower. We have a great garden spot in our town called KINGWOOD Horticultural Center that is a great place to see new stuff . Of course out there all the conditions are the best so our stuff is a laugh next to theirs. Of course we have fun comparing theirs to ours. We sometimes think we should wear a bag over our heads when we mention Kingwood and our stuff in the same breath. But I think we have more fun than they do.

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