October 16, 2011

An icon of my youth bites the dust

Nothing new or unique about this. Another list of ten restaurants failing, except this one is, or used to be one of my favorites. Used to be because there hasn't been one close to me in many a year. But I sure loved their hamburgers, called Big Boys. When I was close to one it was known as Manner's Big Boy, then I saw one again years later and it was Fischers? Big Boy. Whatever I remember it was delicious.

7. Big Boy
> Change in sales (2001-2010): -68.6%
> Sales 2001: $580 million
> Sales 2010: $182.25 million
> Change in units (2001-2010): -65.2%

Big Boy is the restaurant with the most locations on this list. It is also, perhaps, the most well known. In 2000, the company’s owner, the Elias Brothers Corporation, declared bankruptcy following cash-flow problems and difficulties with expansions. The month before it filed for bankruptcy, the company closed 43 restaurants. The restaurant, which specializes in double-decker hamburgers, has not done very well since. In 2001 Big Boy had 405 locations. By 2010, that number had decreased to 141.

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