September 2, 2011

A Budding Writer

My son sent this to me as the proud father that he is. This little vignette written while on vacation with his family, and intended for a class taught by Mrs. Tidwell at his school, shows extraordinary promise. That he will produce much more in the future I can only hope. I want to be able to brag I knew him when..

Evan Kittelberger

Mrs. Tidwell

Period 5

As I sat in the old building, I was tired and bored. As my parents tasted different wines, my younger brother and I sat on an ancient bench. We spoke the whole time, but I'm sure it was nothing of value since I don't remember a single word of the conversation. I was tired of just sitting around, doing nothing, so I stepped outside.

The air and temperatures were at a perfect quality. A scent of fresh grapes ready to be picked and created into an expensive wine wafted through the air. A soft breeze flew through my hair. Beyond me were stretches of grapes for as far as the eye could see, and being surrounded by my loving family just added to the equation of a perfect vacation. As I look at the photo it reminds me of the insatiable feeling of having not an ounce of stress or pressure in me. I could be myself and not care what anyone thinks about me. Not half an hour later I was walking through an antiques shop awestruck.

What hidden marvels there were, forgotten by others long ago. I could feel myself slip back into time as my eyes pondered these classics of Americana. Who used this record player that I am now admiring? The possibilities are endless thinking about what this piece of art has been through. Were there kids lying around it listening their favorite record, or was it an old woman that used it to forget her painful past? I'll never know, as much as I may want to. I could spend hours in the stuffy shop and love every moment. Not until now can I fully appreciate what I had the pleasure to find. Will people of future times look back and admire technology that we consider modern, and get the feeling that I did?

It's a good thought that someone could love something of mine, long after I'm gone, just like I did at that moment.

Looking back on that day, I now wish I could relive that feeling of love and respect for the technology of our ancestors. It was really the first time I have ever had this feeling, being my first time in an antique shop.

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