August 21, 2011

Water Damage

The picture is a bit of an exaggeration, but the feeling of desolation is probably close to the same. Water can be a destroyer.

Water outside of rivers, lakes oceans, and reservoirs can be a most destructive element. Does this sound like an introduction to a true life adventure? Well yes it is.

Hazel who has a hearing ability matched by few was awakened yesterday by an out of place sound. It was the sound of water being expelled full force from a broken feeder hose that when it is whole is connected to a toilet. In the time it took her to acclimate herself to what was going on, waking me and turning off the water valve the damage was done. All of the former might have taken five minutes but the damage was unbelievable. Water maybe half an inch deep had left the bathroom and had moved into two other rooms. It had found its way through the floor it was situated on and was cascading its way through the main floor at places where only water finds and was well on its way to accumulating there also.

It was five o'clock in the morning and I thought it was only proper that we should invite the plumber to the party and I did.

It is now the next day and after a full day of trying to correct the damage done that we could correct, but not the damage that will need to be corrected with replacement and check writing we are happy it ended up no worse than it did. Water within its natural barriers such as riverbanks or man made circuits, pipes and such is a needed resource, but water running amok is something that is best avoided if possible.

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