August 22, 2011

Subject: Reading


I enjoy reading and get my books from several sources. I get most from my fabulous local library; they also provide me with video and music. I always have a book going on my Kindle E book which I think is fantastic. I can take it to bed with me and it is the ideal night time companion. When my eyes droop and all energy has given up I don't have to worry about falling asleep dropping my book and losing my place. It will shut itself off and when I turn it on in the morning it will have bookmarked itself. Great bedtime reader. My other source which I enjoy is buying used books from vendors through Amazon. Other than having to pay postage which is three dollars and some cents you can buy many of the books for one penny. My library accepts used books and if they're in pretty good shape will sell them for a pittance of their value, which goes back into the libraries coffers. Well whatever method you enjoy, reading is one of life's pleasures. Fellow blogist and good writer Bill Crider I apologize for not buying your books at Barnes and Nobel off the shelf each time. If economics were not involved I certainly would.

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