June 9, 2011

The Social Network

We watched THE SOCIAL NETWORK last night. Word of caution, fasten your seat belt, it moves fast and I found myself watching from behind, if that's possible. It's one of those films that to really get it all you have to watch it a second time. I didn't, but you may want to, in able to get all the legal angles coming at you from left and right. I determined this from the movie:

If I could use one of my wishes from the magical whatever, I would wish to be born with the wherewithal and the brains of Harvard students. I'm old so really for me it's just a what if kind of thing, and blowing smoke rings, but you cannot, even in a tale based on fact, wonder how great it would be to have the advantages these segments of our population were born with, social, monetarily, and all that goes with it. To watch a movie like this you can get an idea of what it was like, and maybe still is, in the caste systems of England and India.

Well about the main character Mark Zuckerberg played by Jesse Eisenberg he is an insufferable person, bordering on a sociopath, but brilliant when it comes to computers.

The story is about the 'invention' of Facebook and the legal implications for Zuckerberg and his co-founder and his friend if Zuckerberg could have one.

Most computer users know about Facebook and that Zuckerberg is now the youngest billionaire on the planet. Somehow I don't feel happy for him.

I hope, I think, that he finds a friend someday.

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