June 5, 2011

The Indians Sputter, but it was sure fun while it lasted.

So that's how it feels to be astride a champion caliber racehorse or in my favorite sport, backing a competing major league baseball team. From the get go starting in April through these warm days of June we have been having a whale of a time backing the longest of the long shots, the Cleveland Indians.

It has been fun I can tell you, They have not convinced many people that it would last long, but fun it was. How can a team that spends so little expect to be a pennant contender featuring the same cast of characters, costing about the same as last year and the year before that? This is the major leagues and to play with the big dogs you really have to invest more in order to get a better return.

But the Indians have much too soon begun to sputter and swing at that elusive baseball and missing. The other teams are not impressed with their lightning start, nor do they or we believe in magic, it seems very much like the Indians of last year and the year before that.

I will say again though, Thank you for a snapshot of what it feels like to watch a contender. It was really fun.

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