June 14, 2011

George Sanders

I watched the old movie, LLOYDS OF LONDON, last night. Again I am convinced there was not another actor who could play a more smug, smarmy role like George Sanders could. In one scene he wears a silk suit and talks with that pompous way that only he could do. You hated him because he was always up to no good.

He committed suicide at age 65 and left an ill-considered note that said he was bored and was only anticipating his death by a few years.

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Rachels Blog said...

I seem to be doing this a lot these days... defending Mr Sanders corner that is! I agree with you, only Sanders could sneer and smirk his was through a film like he could. He was a master at being an absolute swine (on screen) and KNOWONE could match his voice...smooth as velvet. To say his final note was ill-considered is an incorrect one. He left this earth, in character, as the press and the public would have envisaged. BUT he also left 2 other notes. He left no ragged ends by his death, only (I'm very sad to say) heavy hearts.