May 10, 2011

divorce unexpected

This is something new, something sad. Divorce is not a new thing, certainly not in the good old USA, and I'm seldom surprised when I read about it. But twice now in recent times the announcement in the media has surprised me, and saddened me as if I personally knew them.

The Al and Tipper Gore's divorce announcement made me, for some unknown reason, wince as I read the legalistic mumbo jumbo, leaving out the personal side of the business as it is of course none of our business.

The latest is the separation of Arnold and Maria Shriver Swarzenegger. The two marriages have one thing in common, they are political families. That may be the clue. When political lives end so do some marriages. Cynically I shouldn't be surprised, but I am and was.

As someone who does not know them other than what I read in the papers, I wish them well. Is there something to be learned from this? Nothing that I can teach certainly, except that marriage is a journey, a long one if you're lucky, and initially love is like the life of an old neon sign. It starts out bright and strong, then dims and flashes. But like a long journey the end is sometimes the best and well worth hanging in there for.

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