May 6, 2011

Television seeking its low level

May 6, 2011, 3:31 PM

CBS Drops Hallmark Hall of Fame

The Hallmark Hall of Fame franchise of made-for-television movies no longer has a home on network television. CBS has chosen not to extend its three-movie-a-year deal with Hallmark, so the franchise is now being shopped to others, Variety reported on Friday.

CBS confirmed the decision in a statement that read: “This is a partnership that has served CBS very well for many years. Hallmark Hall of Fame is a first-class organization, and we wish them nothing but success in their future.” Hallmark Hall of Fame movies have been a television staple for 60 years and have been shown on NBC, PBS and ABC in the past. In recent years CBS has telecast the emotional, upbeat movies around holidays like Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.


Why is this no surprise. The elimination of anything on television that might have a little class attached to it is doomed. Bring on another reality show quick. Our brains will atrophy if it they are not assaulted every night by carefully selected casts displaying their bad behavior and stupidity until their is hardly a television set owned by anyone over 30 still on.

Oh well someone who was elderly told me once to save my breath to cool my soup. She knew what she was talking about.

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