April 18, 2011

A most improbable event.

A most improbable event will be occurring in Kansas city. The Cleveland Indians and the Kansas city Royals will be meeting for the first time this year in what is being called by some THE CLASH OF THE TITANS. Cleveland owning the best win/loss record in the American league will face off against Kansas city, only one loss behind them. Improbable? Unlikely? Impossible? Yes, it's true it is improbable, unlikely, and impossible, yet it is happening. These are two teams who are having a great time while trying not to wake up to reality. Speaking as only one wahoo watcher and I am sure for the Kansas fans who wonder if they are indeed in the land of oz. Whatever, these moments of what New Yorkers and Bostoners must enjoy annually has gone off course and landed smack in the middle of the clash of the titans. Reality and reason will certainly return and we in the rust belt and the fields of wheat will return to normal while those moneyed, big market teams on the east and west coasts will go about business as usual, but not for a little while yet, the clash of the titans is about to commence. Yahoo.

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