April 29, 2011

Draft Day 2011

First off I must say I know very little of the intricacies of a football draft. Secondly I couldn't from memory tell you the starting eleven of the Cleveland Browns if I had to. I could speak with a little more authority about the Cleveland Indians, and from their experiences in recent years I get the picture of throwing a fist full of names at the wall and what remains is maybe the keeper. Is this the plan of the Browns 2011 draft? Are the Browns so needy that they need a handful of maybe's instead of one sure person to help out on Sunday afternoon? Under the Indians current ownership that is the plan they use. Offer up one super star player and receive in return many marginal players, most of whom end up on the wavier wires sooner rather than later. Well I certainly don't know what's going on so I will rely on seasoned sports analysis from Ohio columnists and bloggers to pass along their considered verdict of Draft Day (s) 2011 with it's best face showing.

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