March 12, 2011


TV watching of my favorite shows makes a slim listing. Right now I think my favorite is Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck and Donny Wahlberg. I've liked Wahlberg since I caught him in the series BAND OF BROTHERS, and Selleck forever. I think Selleck is a presence on the small screen now. He's getting older and he can play moody characters. He looks great with that great mustache ala Sam Elliot.

A funny one I like is THE MIDDLE. It stars EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMONDS tv wife Patricia Heaton. It is great, it always assures laughs. She has the quirkiest kids on tv, and this time quirky means nothing but good.

Finally for a serial type show, THE WIFE can't be beaten. Good acting all around every week and great writing, which of course is the thing that you have to have to stick around any length of time.

MAD MEN when they're around is fun.

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