March 15, 2011

The Japanese Catastrophy

Can I feel sorry for a country? Of course I can. Japan is suffering through its third nuclear attack. This current one is not from an enemy nation, but from within. This one portends to be worse than the other two as it seems impossible at this time to stop its growing menace to the population. I read now that it has the capacity to work its way into the food and water sources. The pictures we see show devastation as bad as or worse than during world war II, as one nuclear reactor fails after the other, and another.

We here in the states have made jokes about the situation on twitter, and others have breathed a sigh of relief that most importunately their investments are safe. This is from just a micro-small percentage of people, but wouldn't you think they could just shut up with the jokes or the greed of worrying about their bottom line for all the world to hear.

When the situation settles itself, it will be time for us to become a good world neighbor and do whatever is asked of us, but until then concern and caring and a prayer or two is not too much to ask of a civilized society one for another.

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