March 3, 2011

Grapes of Wrath today.

The country continues its slippery slope to the right as Ohio eliminated the right of its public workers to collective bargaining. Gasoline is increasing quickly upward in large increments. Food prices are rising each week. Driving on Ohio's roads which are disintegrating it seems hourly and town budgets nearly empty makes driving an all-season sport with weaving and dodging necessary to maintain your cars alignment and undercarriage. Repair of the roads in the spring is dicey as town treasuries are nearly empty. I remember Obama mentioning on the stump again and again that our infrastructure is a must do. I sometimes still hear echo's of that refrain, but nothing happens anywhere to show proof that its or will be done. I fear for those citizens of our country whose bottom line has completely run dry with little hope of refilling it anytime soon. It's all starting to look and feel like grapes of wrath in everybody's backyard.

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