February 9, 2011

The Last Time the Cavaliers won...

The last time the Cavs won - Twitter users put Cavs streak in context

The Cavaliers' losing streak has reached historic proportions, and social media has taken notice yesterday as the the Twitter hashtag #lasttimethecavswon became a trending topic.

Here is a sampling of what Twitter users all over the world had to offer in response to the last time the Cavaliers won a game.

The last time the Cavs won ...

"... I didn't get to see it because there was a new episode of 'Friends' on." - ROJO36

"... gas was 2 dollars." - MrStealYurGrl

" ... Seattle had an NBA team." - natubTrill

" ... Dinosaurs roamed the Earth." - lilroeofficial

" ... I was enjoying a refreshing glass of Crystal Clear Pepsi." - danmillerotown

" ... Sinbad was relevant." - avadakadankra

" ... The Heat bandwagon was empty." - SkyWalker11_fan

" ... Pluto was a planet." - DaAnswerNova

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