January 23, 2011

War and Remembrance

During a rereading of Herman Wouk's novel WAR AND REMEMBRANCES, he the author digresses after finishing the portion describing the battle of Midway with these words.

"The USA has been a lucky nation, and the luck held remarkably on June 4, 1942. How long it will hold in the future, only the dark Gods know who bestowed on this crass mercantile nation of mongrelized blood and cowboy culture a virgin continent with almost infinite natural resources."

Yes indeed we have been a lucky nation, so far. We have also become more crass than Mr. Wouk, who is still alive, could even imagine, and a mercantile nation by law preferring it seems moving material and product around like the world's middle man. Our days of manufacturing and creating seem to be on the wane. Wouk's use of the term mongrelized blood I don't know how to take. We built this country to lead the free world fueled with the creative genius of those from other lands and other nationalities. We championed people of all nationalities to come build our futures together. They did and we profited greatly by their presence. Our adherence to that codex is questionable in the present day. I watched a couple video's with Wouk discussing several of his books, and I am content that I am the one who does not understand about the word mongrelized blood and read too much into it.

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