January 26, 2011


I own a Kindle, and I really like it and could echo all the good things that have been said about it. But a library, a really good library which I have the good fortune to be connected to, well that is another world. If your library is being supported financially by your community then it is a beautiful place to visit over and over again. For the complete price of free you have access to the worlds literature. Through computers your library is connected to libraries far and near so your choice of a book is only restricted to the size of your imagination.

Libraries now have audio visual departments crammed full of videos, movies, how-to's, and history. You can for the price of a library card be able to take home Mozart on a CD or a fully orchestrated version to watch and listen to on a DVD. Magazines are subscribed to by the library and made available to anyone to read in the library or take home. For older patrons large print books are maintained, or for those of us who get lazy and don't want to make the effort at reading we can listen to someone reading to us on an audio book. Well I guess you get the idea, I am a big fan of libraries and mine in particular. Try yours if you haven't already. A Kindle is good, but even though you have to get there on your own, the library is aces with me and I am sure with you.

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Lydia said...

Saw a comment you left at Ronni Bennett's blog...

I still do not have a Kindle but know one is in my future. I keep holding off because I feel like using one would be like cheating on the love of my life!

I just played the Games for the Brain widget in your sidebar eight times and decided to quit winners with a score of 80.

You should install a way for people to sign up as Followers of your blog or to subscribe in a reader...