January 14, 2011

Cheney and Scalia, Brothers of a sort?

This is so superficial, so uncredentialed, so without purpose that I wonder why I don't just pitch the whole thing. After all this piece is really just about appearances and nothing more. It is sort of like that separated at birth game we sometimes like to play. The two men I speak of are without doubt extremely competent and able and sometimes I think brilliant people. But I will not go into that because as I said previously I am not competent to do so. All I can comment on is appearances, and these two men seem to be very dour, very unpleasant, serious non-humorous type guys. Important, oh lord yes, that they are. Political, oh yeah. Likeable, I suppose to their families they are but when I see or read about one, I think of the other. One is in ill health, which sometimes solicits warmer feelings from other people, but this guy seems like he wouldn't want anyone's solicitations. The other guy is so conservative that he makes William Buckley seem Kennedyish in his beliefs. Well I could go on throwing out smart alecky remarks about both but all I set out to do is mention that the two fall into one category and when I think of one, I think of the other, one of those people who are so sure of their convictions that you could be sure your ideas on a subject would be ridiculed without mercy. These two dourful chaps are former vice-president Cheney and supreme court justice Scalia.

Agree or disagree? It doesn't matter, so they're dour, so what, after all this is America.

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