January 17, 2011

America is falling

This picture is from the Financial Times, where it claims China has taken the lead in shaping the world. The dragon is pretty scary looking indeed. Is this the result of shipping mega billion dollars of business off-shore? I don't know but in my small brain it seems to follow if you send our manufacturing jobs away so it can be made more cheaply elsewhere and make tycoons richer than they already are with no thought or care for the American work force and you do it often enough this is what will inevitably follow. Has it been a successful plan for the tycoon, the banker, the manufacturer? Oh yes, fantastically so, and in a very short span of time. But in that span of time we have gone from the most financially secure country to number two and still falling? It's obvious, even to us non economics majors that NAFTA is making everybody except the USA rich. We lose jobs. We have a staggering number of people who will probably never make a decent wage again. It would seem that this could not go on forever. Although we have a exceedingly large group of sweet talking politicians who will convince us that we are just going through a period of adjustment. Shame on them and shame on whomever got us into this and shame on them for not seeming to care.

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