December 14, 2010

Bernie Sanders (I) Vermont-BRAVO!

Bernard Sanders (I) Vermont speaking his mind on the floor of the senate. He was for the amount of time he kept the floor an American who knows his country is in trouble. Did anybody listen to him? Will it make a difference? Yes people listened, will it make a difference? No because they are either a republican or a democrat, a member of a political party whose loyalties are to that political party first, second, and always. Sanders was an American speaking to the American people. Sanders mind is a throwback to his states heritage of independence above all else. It boggles my mind in a good way to think if we had 100 men and women sitting at those desks everyday tending to our countries business. If we had 100 people, supposedly the best their state can produce meeting and talking and persuading each other to what is right for our beautiful country, we could sleep well at night knowing that our countries business is in good hands. Alas, a pipe dream is what Senator Sanders presented us with, a picture of the possible.

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