December 6, 2010

Before Dawn

Rising before dawn into a cold house I wait for the warmth of the furnace and the smell of coffee to invigorate me. I gaze at snowflakes floating down from a still dark sky joining an already covered winter landscape and I feel a moment of nostalgia, common to men of my age. It's a feeling of settling in for a brain that is torn between memories of friends and family departed, and the peace and serenity of here and now, a stopping place of unknown duration where I can amuse myself with today's technological wonders. At arms length I have a modern television of gigantic size that will transmit to me movies that I saw first run at the movies on Saturday mornings sixty some years ago; a computer whose wonders and unfathomable amounts of information I've yet to skim the surface of; and the latest miracle, a library capable of holding 3500 books, a library the size of which would be a prize for even the richest of us in bygone days that I can hold in one hand called a Kindle. It is indeed a wondrous age to live in and I am glad I will be able to spend some time enjoying it for as long as I am allowed.

photo: unknown subject or photographer

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