November 10, 2010

The COLA law needs to be rewritten

Senior citizens or in a more militant time they were called Gray Panthers, listen up. For those who don't remember, the Panthers were a pressure group of seniors who united and lobbied their congressmen and senators to help get legislation passed that would be beneficial to older folks.

Sound familiar? The Tea Party of current fame in unseating a few congressmen, and making a bunch more very uncomfortable in their plush seats on Capitol Hill is leading the way in showing how effective a grass roots organization can be. I think it also shows that perhaps the Gray Panthers should start showing their strength through numbers. There are an awful lot of us seniors out here with computers, and there are an awful lot of congressmen, and congresswomen (we don't want to forget them), who seem not to care much that the COLA law is depriving seniors of a little help to offset blazing inflation and medical cost increases. It will probably take a law change to reinstate a cost of living amendment. Do you think our good people in Washington will take it upon themselves to correct something that should be corrected without a threat to vote as a bloc in the next election. It worked this time for the Tea Party, why not the Gray Panthers next time.

I write the Public Reader, my name is Jim Kittelberger, and I approve of the above message. Isn't that what all politicians good and bad say on the boob tube?

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