October 14, 2010

Howard Stern and the Economy

I think that the economy has gotten better. Although what I earn on my big splash in the money game is pretty minuscule, and you wouldn't really know it.

But there are some who just keep on making the big big money. Like for example Howard Stern. The shock jock signed a 5-year, $500 million contract with Sirius XM in December 2005. That contract is due to run out at the end of this year and the talk is about what will he do? Oh my is this a problem Stern has? Whatever.

This blurb from the same piece from CNN seems to suggest that we all should cut Obama a little slack when it comes to the economy and his handling of it. Here is the blurb:

Sirius has been a classic turnaround story. The big run this year is largely a reflection that it's no longer on the brink of bankruptcy thanks to a recovery in the economy and key investment from John Malone's Liberty Media (LCAPA, Fortune 500) last year.

Here is the story from CNN Money.

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