September 4, 2010

Washington Memorial Bridge 1931

We used to live and work in the Washington area. At the beginning of the video you will hear a plane flying over. We lived off the Mount Vernon Parkway just outside of Alexandria, Virginia and the planes landing at what is now Reagan National airport, then Washington National, used to make their final approach coming down the Potomac river. We heard their noise daily, but it never bothered us, it was just part of the scene.

In our early days in Washington we used to take advantage of the concerts given at the Watergate (not the Nixon Watergate, but the Watergate at the Lincoln memorial given free on weekends. Free was just the right price for us in those days.

The bridge was originally a draw bridge, but they changed it later. Just left of the circle around the Lincoln memorial they built steps down to the Potomac. They built a barge on the river, and the service bands would play. It was great.

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