August 26, 2010

A Great Steak

Hazel took me out on a date yesterday to celebrate belatedly my birthday. We went to a restaurant of my choice. I picked The Outback, and ordered the house special, a nine ounce sirloin steak cooked medium . Hazel got the same but a smaller size. Now I know that as well as the steak may be cooked it still is kind of a crap shoot to how tender the steak may or may not be. I've got to tell you though it was the most tender steak I may have ever had. It was delicious. The food gods were smiling on us, after the steak we followed up with their chocolate brownie stacked with ice cream and whipped cream. Oh so good. It was so good my appetite was not vanquished and I swear I could have eaten yet more. But sometimes good sense does prevail and we left happy and sated sitting happily on the porch of the establishment waiting for a light rain falling while the sun was shining to stop. Thank you Hazel for the treat, it was great.

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Hazel said...

YUM, it was my pleasure! ♥