August 6, 2010

Cleveland Indians and Mark Cuban

I have no idea how you initiate a ground swell of opinion, but I saw this at CBS sports message center today, and I so whole-heartily agree with it. It would be a great thing for we continually disappointed fans from the North Coast of Ohio and other Indian fans from around the country. The days of the Indians being considered a feeder of talent for the teams with deeper pockets (that's everyone else in MLB) really has to stop. It is perpetually demoralizing.

Indians Should Be Sold To Cuban

Now it seems that Mark Cuban has been shut out of the MLB team ownership circles for the second time. It seems Cuban despite his antics has a real passion for the game, plus it seems like it has been his dream to be an owner of a professional team. I really don't see why some people are having a major problem with this possibility. I mean if anything Cuban has shown he can promote his team and go out and spend good money on quality free agents.

I think he could turn around even one of the worst franchises in a matter of five years if given his resources and the current salary structures. I for one would love for him to be sold the Cleveland Indians as I am tired of seeing some of my favorite players shipped off to whatever port of call overnight. The Dolans really seem intent on only providing a somewhat competitive franchise as the limit. It has become almost blatantly obvious they have been stalling the fans of Cleveland and blowing smoke up their backsides for years now.

The fans were promised a competitor by 2005. That promise was made in maybe 2002 or 2003. Here we are in 2010 and once again free agency has claimed more of their assets while getting virtually nothing in the depository. Mark Cuban would be a great owner for the Indians and reminds me of the time when they were almost owned by George Steinbrenner. There were some same parallels between the two and I am pretty sure George turned out alright. The guy had turned a what less than 30 million dollar franchise into a billion dollar industry? The Indians organization I think could take similar leaps and bounds if sold to Cuban or his like.

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Bill Crider said...

No, no! We want him to buy the Houston Astros!