August 23, 2010

The Back Porch

a back porch is that magical place where a new idea could be born that would ignite and blossom in dimension and such importance that golden nameplates will mark the spot with dates and names and other historically important information where future citizens will be able to visit and be able to say I was there on the spot where the idea originated, or it may be that place where you lean back and consume a pastrami sandwich on rye and a cold beer and wonder if the Indians will ever start winning again.

(a monday morning jump start of a sleep clogged brain that I wrote without any consideration of punctuation which I love to do)

1 comment:

The Wife said...

LOL. That first sentence may go in the book of records as one of the longest ever. That said, you inspired me to go out on the back porch and swing a bit. :))