June 14, 2010

1937 BMW

What caught my eye was the date this machine was made. It was the year I was hatched, but that matters not. When I was about twelve or thirteen my parents bought me a motor bike which was kind of fun, but then they bought me a Cushman motor scooter. Now that was absolute fun and adventure for me. A friend of mine at the time (who died a year or two ago and whom I had lost contact with, I wish him RIP) also had a motor scooter, a Salsbury maybe. I forget the brand. But what I do remember is driving down country dirt roads on summer days and stopping to purchase a bottle of grapette out of one of those coolers loaded with ice and wondering where we should travel to next. Good days.

I never progressed any further up the chain, and the next vehicle I drove was my father's cars.

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