June 30, 2010

The Indians Report, Yeah we still play baseball and until they add a down escalator we're the ones in last last place.

Hey they've won three (3) games in a row, consecutive that is. This year with this team it is quite a feat but the team IS getting younger and younger. I guess the Dolan's, the owners who want to play with the other major league owners but doesn't quite understand you have to spend a few nickles now and then are casting their greedy Scrooge McIndian eyes at their balance sheet and wondering who else they can sell off. I think the Indians still have a few assets they can sell. After all who needs a pitching staff. WISHFUL THINKING...If Lebron James leaves Cleveland perhaps their owner Dan Gilbert would cast an eye on the Indians. It would be great, the owner of the Cavs has money and loves to own major sports teams. Why not one in his own town.

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