June 9, 2010

The Gore families me too, me too, or me three.

I just saw this on the Internet. Holy Cow! It's almost surreal. A flashback to the sixties. I wonder if they were all sitting at Al's house one evening and for entertainment decided to take one of those 'can this marriage be saved' questionnaires and all of them decided no it can't.

It's shaping up as a tough year for the Gore family.

Last May, former Vice President Al Gore's daughter Kristin divorced her husband Paul Cusack. Last week, Al and Tipper Gore announced that they'd be separating after 40 years of marriage. Now comes the news that another Gore marriage is on the rocks.

According to two family friends Al and Tipper's daughter Karenna Gore may be nearing divorce proceedings after she'd been separated from her husband Andrew Schiff for a few months. The couple is apparently seeking counseling in hopes of reconciling.

Karenna, the eldest of the four Gore children, is an author, journalist and lawyer. She and Schiff married in 1997 and have three children.

Karenna was an active part of her father's political career, taking a prominent public role in his failed effort to become president in 2000.

—Andrew Golis is the editor of the Yahoo! News blog.

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