June 19, 2010

Father's day cards I received, but hardly have earned.

I received three cards from my children (and grandchildren) for Father's Day.

The editorial cartoon at the top is how these cards make we father's feel. Justified? Heck no. My children are much better parents to my grandchildren than I was parenting them. There is a lot of psycho-babble available citing or blaming this or that as each generation reaches maturation and becomes parents in their own right. My one liner is that we live and learn from our time in history. I am so very proud of my children, they have accomplished much due to their own motivations and they demonstrate their love for their own children daily. If I could grasp any crumbs of credit for that I would, but it is they alone who take credit for all their achievements. If I am allowed to bask in any of that I will grab it like a thief and say thank you.

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