May 1, 2010

God, how we sometimes speak

More than once I have opened my big trap and trotted out some criticism about conjugation of a word. The one that really gets me is this: I SEE YOU, I SAW YOU, I HAVE SEEN YOU.

I had not heard it in a while, and then while listening to a podcast with two men expounding on a subject for one complete hour, man A opens his mouth and out comes the sentence, I seen Joe..... My God that's like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

Now today a week later, I ran across this from a blog of a year ago. Someone else must have a sensitive spot for the mangling of the language. No, please don't start about elitism or some such cop out. It just sounds terrible and makes the talker seem less educated than he/she is. Don't get defensive, just change.

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