May 27, 2010

Beware of Great Grandparents

I became a great grandfather this week. No, not an amazingly good grandfather, but an official 'great grandfather'. A designation reached when your grandchild becomes a parent. My grandchild and her child have such a long life ahead of them. I envy them. On this journey I wish them both well. On my life's journey it's another story.

I am reminded of the quote by Bette Davis who said old age is not for sissies. That is really true. It is indeed an adventure. Part of the adventure I believe is going on in my head. I digress, a little. I love the electronic gadgetry and have availed myself to many of the goodies. One of the gadgets is the digital camera. It seems in my case that I can't retain all the little instructions that I once knew fairly well. I haven't used my digital camera for a long time and in fact gave it to my wife because she loves snapping things in the garden to put on Facebook. One of her ways of staying in touch with our kids and their kids.

Well we dropped into the hospital to see our new great grandchild and grandma took her camera with her. It was not functioning the way it should so, (a mistake by grandma), she handed it to me to see what might be wrong.

I snapped off a couple shots and nothing much happened. Grandma suggests turning on the flash, I did. Nothing happened. Grandma and Grandpa are puzzled. We're exchanging looks of what the devil is wrong with this thing.

All of the sudden a lightbulb appears over her head. Grandma makes a discovery..the switch is set on record. It is making a little movie and we're recording videos of the floor, with very interesting dialog about what do we think the reasons are for not working properly.

Epilogue and what did we learn from this experience: Never rely on a great grandparent to be your official photographer for any event.

Watch the new great grandparents go through their ineptness and listen for the very kind chuckle from the new mother at the goings on.

By the way the baby is beautiful. Good job Alex.

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Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Congratulations, jim!!!