April 16, 2010

Best actress award

I rented a few movies the other day. George Clooney's UP IN THE AIR, Sandra Bullock's THE BLIND SIDE, and Meryl Streep's JULIE AND JULIA.

I enjoyed all of them, but particularly Julie and Julia. I am always amazed with the talents of Meryl Streep. She is a chameleon, she becomes the character. George Clooney I thought underplayed his character to a tee.

The puzzle was Bullock's film. It won her the best actress award in all the movie award shows up to and including the Oscar. I like Sandra, and I liked the movie, but best actress performance for the whole year and better than Meryl Streep's Julia Child, I don't think so. The epitome of a best performance would be Spencer Tracy in GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER. That movie was loaded with best performances.

Oh well I shouldn't carp, I liked the movie, I like Bullock, but it just seemed a little too little for all the hoopla it got. It seemed liked a good TV movie.

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