April 13, 2010

Baseball life at the top and the rest of the pack

Oh how sweet it must be.

I used to believe in fairy tales when I was very young. I always thought that the good guy would be rewarded in the end. I always thought that good guys finished first. I used to think that baseball was the great leveler, that the good baseball player would be appreciated and rewarded for his achievements.

Well there are the NEW YORK YANKEES, and everyone else after them. I am a fan of a very old franchise that was around at the beginning of organized baseball, and that's a long time. Shoeless Joe used to play for us before he became shoeless. We (I use the collective term because as you all know misery loves company) have won a grand total of two world series.

Read the piece about the Yankees without growling and then think of my team who goes out there everyday and toils hard and achieves what? Nothing much. My team has played seven games this brand new baseball season and has lost five of them. The start of another normal season for my team and the many other teams who are in the same boat. The best they can hope for is to share somehow in the glory their best player will achieve when he becomes a free agent and the YANKEES open up their checkbook and well you know the rest.

Well I feel better now, so click the hyperlink on the top and enter the world that my team only dreams about.

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