March 21, 2010

Politics Must Change

I don't claim to be a follower of either party. But how can a political party be against monumental programs that are designed to make life easier for our citizens almost every time. How can the republican party vote so consistently as a party against landmark legislation each time an opportunity presents itself to better our lot?

My understanding is that they are just against anything government sponsored. They believe that government should butt out of peoples lives, always, and completely. They believe less government is better, and no government is best and I suppose they would vote for that if it was possible, except they would vote themselves out of some pretty cushy jobs.

We have two political parties, the liberal wing and the no government at all wing. It is no revelation that the two shall never agree on anything. The difference in philosophy is too vast between them.

Perhaps it would make sense of we could somehow establish a moderate wing. A party a little closer to what both republican and democrats believe. If you can believe the polls we read, most of us would fall right smack dab in the middle of the moderates.

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