February 18, 2010

Dr. Zhivago's revenge

This seems to be the winter that tries men's endurance and insulation. We here in Ohio live in surroundings that are fast beginning to look like Dr. Zhivago's winter home. My neighbor has stopped using her snow blower because the snow piled on the side of her driveway is too high for the new snow to get over. She has taken to using her shovel now. Luckily my snow blower must have a couple more horsepower in it, or whatever, and still blows it over the snow piled on the sides.

I've just heard that today's special on our snow menu is going to be ice coming out of the heavens. Just the thing to add a little shiny glitter, and perhaps a little preservative for longer lasting staying power for the snow we already have. I say that because according to the weather man/woman, their little weather pictures for fri-sat-sun shows more, yeah you got it, snow coming.

The gutters over my screened in back porch have frozen over, and icicles of Olympic size have formed putting anyone venturing out the back door in extreme danger of being impaled to the ground to be preserved there until spring arrives.

Luckily I am retired and after dressing in my winter regalia and venturing out onto the frozen tundra to clean off the driveway, just in case we have to get the car out so we can go to the store to purchase a chocolate cake or some such necessity such as that, I can then return to the warm confines of our house and amuse myself with a book or some music coming over the radio playing such seasonal favorites like winter wonderland.

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