November 13, 2009


This came across as a New York Time alert. True it really did, today, just now. WATER FOUND ON THE MOON. Now to me that brings up several questions. Is the planet in a stage similar to our prehistoric age, or perhaps in a post suicidal age after the bright politicians and scientists blew the planet up? Whew it kind of gives me shivers thinking that there could be another whole planet of us; and the moon is sort of our next door neighbor. Crank up the NASA lobby, I see a large bill being presented soon to the congress from the space ship garage. But on the other hand, new territory for McDonald's and the toy makers can start making the new Barbie and Ken's moon relatives. And then.......

Wait, this isn't a Friday the 13th joke is it? The venerable old Times from New York taking a page out of the MAD comic book? Hmmmm.

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