November 5, 2009


Need a good reason to end the US war in Iraq? How does one trillion dollars sound to you? That is the amount it has cost USA citizens thus far to keep it going. Isn't it time to end it?

Why don't we do that? President Obama as a candidate said he was going to end it. Surprise he didn't and looks like he won't in the future. What is it about Presidents and wars?

We have a sad economy to look after, we might if we use that trillion dollars here also might just get a chance to start paying back China and get about a thousand of our IOU's back from them if we start using our war money on the home front. Make me sleep better at night.

The only way a war ends is the President throwing all his chips in, forget about the next election, and end the damn thing. Forget about the senate and the house of representatives doing anything. They are a group who knows they've got it good, and would not want to jeopardize losing their job and have to cut ties with their great friends the lobbyists.

The onus, the absolute onus is on the President. He will lose his job by ending the war I am sure but it is better to be remembered for something than nothing at all.

You cannot keep shuttling our brave volunteer Army over there again and again, and again. If the war is continued, it seems necessary and apropos to start a draft and at least make it equitable in the sufferings of families having their sons, daughters and spouses put into harm's way.

President Obama did say over and over again during the electioneering that he would end the war didn't he? The only question was how soon. I believed him then, but on this issue I no longer believe he will. I think the only question he is considering is how many more beleaguered troops will he send over once again.

By the way, it occurs to me that we still have Iran and North Korea, both nuclear powers we will want to challenge in some armed conflict in the guise of world policemen. By the way is there still a foreign legion? Oh no no I'm sorry that's us isn't it.

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