November 20, 2009

Books, books, books.

I love it when I run across some books that I can get into and lose myself for, in this case, seven hundred pages. It happens sometimes, and is a special bonus when I have found seven books at our annual book sale. It seems I may have a month or two of pleasurable reading in store.

Strange as it seems, when I go to my favorite book store Barnes and Noble and spend an hour browsing, I couldn't find that many if I tried hard. Of course finding seven books in a book store and paying for them seems like a mission impossible. Let's see seven times twenty-five dollars comes to hummmm one hundred seventy five bucks, yikes.

While in this imagine mode I probably could not find seven books very easily. I think I would be too particular in my selections. If you're paying 175 dollars it would take some serious musing. When I am at the book sale it is so great because if I see something that even looks like it might be good, into the bag it goes. Heck I throw them into the bag even if the cover looks good. But this year I think after a slower look through my picks think I got seven I will read through to the end.

Well I'm outta here, I left my good guys and bad guys in the Philippines in 1943. Everything is about to come to a conclusion, not necessarily a good conclusion but that's the way it was in those years.

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