October 6, 2009

Rush Limbaugh and a friend are thinking of buying the St. Louis Ram professional football team for some humongous figure. The news item in inself is not too exciting to me, but it conjured up another thought. I wonder if Rush, the skinny and very rich man would be interested in buying a baseball team? I am thinking of my favorite team, the Cleveland Indians. They have owners that for the life of me I wonder why they want to own the team. They are poor mouthers from way back. Don't they know owning a professional team is only for the very rich who buy a club for the excitement of it all. Plus they must be willing to spend, spend, and spend to achieve the 'championship'. I think in baseball it is called the world series, but for Cleveland fans we have to look it up to be sure.

Rush send some of your millions to Cleveland, we have a lot of young kids playing here now, but our owners insist on sending our Cy Young award winners away. Think how much fun you could have if you kept them here in Cleveland for a while.

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