October 9, 2009

I read Archie comics when I was a young boy. I am now seventy-two and Archie is making a big splash with his soap opera style marriage dilemma. He looks like he has aged quite well. Matter of fact they all look exactly like they did when I would keep in touch with them each month. If I understand what is going on, it seems Archie decided on Veronica and she accepted. Things were put into motion for publication etc. People started protesting, polls were taken, and Betty Cooper beat out Veronica Lodge by a handy margin. Now here is where I lose track about what is going on. Evidently they have come out with an alternative issue where Archie asks Betty for her hand in marriage and she accepts. What is it about Archie that makes him so appealing to the ladies? Is it the freckles? So now I don't know if it will all be explained as dream sequences or if the publishers will make the great decision or will let the polls speak and proclaim Betty as the winner. The winner of Archie in fact. I guess any Father-In-Law would like Archie as a Son-In-Law. He's a nice boy (although he has to be secretly about eighty years old or more).

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Anonymous said...

Euww, NOT freckles!! Could be because he resembles Van Johnson? ♥