October 24, 2009

This from a posting in December 2006 on the subject of laughter. It's good for you.


When was the last time you and a friend had one of those laughing moments that just seemed to get funnier and funnier as you were laughing? My wife and I had one of those moments thinking about an embarrassing moment we had together in a darkened movie theater. It really is not funny except to the two of us. If I tell you the story it won’t make you laugh and would just be embarrassing to my wife and I. Perhaps it becomes funnier with each telling or remembering among friends of a funny event that bonds you together and knowing your secret story is safe and can be laughed at? I certainly don’t know the psychology of a laugh nor do I know the physicality of a laugh. What I do know it’s a human release of good will and the re-sharing of a moment in time. Everybody laughs, the high and the low of us. It’s free and might even be good for our health.

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