October 11, 2009

Afghanistan, Yes or No?

One of the most interesting television times for me is Sunday morning at 10:30. This morning was no exception. I take advantage of my remote and flip back and forth between George Stephanopoulos on ABC and David Gregory on NBC. Today's prime topic was Afghanistan which I am of the opinion we should pack our gear and put those boots back on American soil. I was definite about my feelings on the matter. But, if you listen enough, definite starts to get a little uncertain when you hear something that makes you start to think all over again. Today on Stephanopoulos show someone made the statement that if the Taliban and Al Qaeda are not contained in Afghanistan it puts Pakistan, which is next door, in jeopardy, and Pakistan is a nuclear power with a president who has a shaky spine. See the video above. It laid out several ways the U.S. could go. I am certainly no student of foreign affairs, but it painted a picture different from what I knew. President Obama certainly has no easy task ahead of him. Do we become the world's policemen or not?

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