September 4, 2009


John Glenn has lived an amazing life during his 88 years on the earth (and in space). In addition to flying planes in World War II and serving four terms as a senator from Ohio, Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth.

Now he has the right stuff to dot the "i" with the Ohio State marching band before the Buckeyes play Navy this Saturday. Glenn will be joined by his wife for the honor during halftime of the Ohio State alumni band's script Ohio formation.

The dotting of the "i" started more than 70 years ago and has become one of college football's top traditions that is usually reserved for a fourth- or fifth-year sousaphone player.

The Glenns will join a select group of non-band members that have dotted the "i," including comedian Bob Hope, golfer Jack Nicklaus and legendary Buckeyes coach Woody Hayes.

While Glenn was a naval officer, he has made clear his intention to cheer for the Ohio State. The school's public affairs school is named for Glenn and the retired U.S. senator delivered a commencement speech at the school this past spring.

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