August 18, 2009

It is so great when you find world class talent that grew up in the same town you call your hometown. That is the case with E.J. PEIKER who travels the world in his role as NATURE PHOTOGRAPHER. He calls Chandler, Arizona his home town now, but he occasionally visits his old haunts and breaks out his camera and snaps off a few. He has given me permission to post a few that are familiar to the locals. I wish the rest of the town had held up so well but we like most towns are undergoing bad times. Oh well that's old news now isn't it. Take a look at these photos that show the best of us, and the talent of EJ. Check out his webpage, he's been around the world seeking out locations to film. Click here to see my hometown.

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Inge Peiker said...

Hi Jim!
How nice to see some of my son's pictures on your blogspot. I feel honored.