August 11, 2009

IT SEEMS TO ME, A road map to national salvation?

It seems to me that the country has awakened from a dream and realized that we have put too much trust in the man we elected to lead us out of the bad dream that was Bush. The Bush years taught us to doubt that our leaders cared about its electorate and were determined to feather their own nests in any way possible. When possible was not available they decided to change laws to make it possible. We the people may be a little slow to catch up to the big league misgovernment we were treated to, but we did and in response to that we elected a man who was fluent and committed to correcting all the missteps of the previous gang and would keep us attuned to the mechanics taken on the road to putting all the promises he made into law; and good days would be here again. In fact we expected too much from the new president.

It now seems that we have awakened and shaking our collective heads begin muttering to ourselves, what does he think he's doing. You can't insure every American a decent health plan, it's too expensive, we're not ready, too fast, too everything, you just can't. Anyways you might not have a birth certificate, and you probably owe your true allegiance to Angola or the Antilles archipelago, you shouldn't even be in that chair. Matter of fact we don't even need a president, don't we believe that less government is better, then why not no government. Let's leave the running of the government to a series of town hall meetings, I understand they work well. If you don't like what is proposed just yell loud, no louder, that'll do it. Or maybe best yet form a junta of Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and Sean Hannity to handle all the details. Valhalla, indeed.



Good news for BARNES AND NOBLE

Bad news for BOEING in Washington


It looks to me like the maid? has already read the love letter and the mistress of the house? seems a little relunctant to know what's in the letter. Regardless, Jan Vermeer was a great painter.

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