August 3, 2009

A final warning, if you have a squeamish stomach do not watch this. It is from the Monty Python collection so you know it is ridiculous and funny, but really, really disgustingly gross.

I remember it fondly though because years ago my grandson watched it with me much to his mothers chagrin. We thought perhaps that we were putting something over on his mom, but I don't think we were, I'm sure we were not. I of course relished the thought that maybe we were just as I thought wrongly in my youth that I was doing the same to my mother. Maybe it's in every boy's genes, and in grandfathers sometimes lack of decorum. Turn away or delete and go to something else that may have some modicum of worth.

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Hazel aka The Wife said...

This comment is from the grandmother of the above mentioned grandson, and wife of the above mentioned grandfather.

The "boys" watched the entire video.
I glimpsed a small portion of this video and I felt like "hurling" myself! Boys of all ages REALLY are a different breed. But ya 'gotta love 'em! God help them, they're going to need it. :-)